Thank You!

Yes, we're here with the old tin cup, requesting help from our viewers who feel that BusNuts.Com is deserving of their support. Having commercial sponsor(s) causes conflicts of interest and scope of the site, thus we look to you.  Beside, you are the important ones anyway.

BusNuts.Com currently attracts some 3500 to 4000 viewers each month, and in a dream world, if every one of them dropped a nickel in our tin cup on their way out, we'd have about $200 spending money each month! However, that's unrealistic because this is the Internet; everything's free except the fuel for our rigs.

So, we go for the next best thing and do what any self- respecting web site would do, we beg. Like I once had to get down on my knees in those tight pants and beg the First Continental Congress to buy me a boat to cross the Delaware when all my buses were in the garage.

Despite BusNuts.Com coming off like a mega-operation with a staff of happy workers rushing around, that's all virtual, an electronic facade. I dislike bursting anyone's bubbles, but it's essentially a one-man project, and that greasy floored garage is a cluttered room in a house in small-town California.

Certainly, there are many contributors of material and data around the world that help us grow, but here's where it all comes together.

It's up to one Nels Hagan to design the pages, scan the photos, dig up the references, write the text, and answer the emails in a 10-hour day with his faithful old PC and two dogs. He also gets to pay all the bills, which is where some outside help wouldn't hurt one bit.

BusNuts.Com is now supported by  subsidy.  stretching $$$ requires creativity. Some goes to BusNuts.Com and the rest is frittered away on food, clothes, and other luxuries. And if that hasn't brought a lump to your throat by now, I'll have to crank up some tiny violin music too.

Seriously, the bottom line is that help is now needed to keep those virtual garage doors open and the virtual engine fires lit. If you derive any value, pleasure, or even a bit of entertainment, from BusNuts.com, your support in the way of a thank-you buck or two, even a thank you note goes away, will be most appreciated.

6 or 10 wheels on the ground,

    Bus Driver Nels,



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