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Newest recommended links


Newest recommended links

Bus Components and Systems (Manufacturer Specific)

Bus Components and Systems (non-Manufacturer Specific)

Bus Conversion

Bus Conversion Shops by Area

Bus Conversion / RV Subsystems


Bus History

Bus Organizations

Bus Owners Pages

Buying and Selling Buses and Bus Conversions


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

RV Travel and Supplies


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  • I drive for a local church, 86 Silver Eagle 15. We travel extensively and always are in need of knowledge about dump station locations. Can't find any type of reference giving this info. Help?
  • I thought the old site was by far much easier and showed better pictures an was much easier to navigate.

    I loved the old site, thought it was the best site out there.

  • A search option would make this perfect!!
  • The page is too wide to fit on my screen, please consider resizing for easier navigation. TIA


  • new web site is great
  • The quality of your site is very high indeed. Thank-you. I do have one question though. In your classic buses for sale you have a picture of a Scenicruiser that has blue stripes and looks almost new but no text to let anyone know about it and how much it is for sale and where it is located.
  • I think you have all outdone yourselves on this new
    site, congratulations to all of you.....Frank


  • Using Netscape 7.1 your web pages are a page and a half wide. I will not view pages that I have to constantly scroll left to right to see the whole page.


Newest recommended links are in bold type    i.e. http://www.BusNuts.com


Bus Components and Systems (Manufacturer Specific)


Bus manufacturer web sites:misc.

gmcmotorhome.com - The GMC Motorhome Source






Bus Components and Systems (non-Manufacturer Specific)



Books and Manuals

coachinfo.com (Information services for intercity and transit buses)
winlock.com (Bus Books from Dave Galey; Bus Converter's Bible)
busbook.com (Bus Related Info; Appraisals)
vintage-books.com (Automotive books and manuals; some DD manuals)
binderbooks.com (Manuals for International Vehicles)
catalog.nfpa.org (Code books for converting a bus)
busmag.com (Beginner's Guide To Converted Coaches by Larry Plachano)
busnut.com/seecs.html (books on bus conversion by George Myers)
coach-builder.com (more of George Meyer's info)
ebay.com (source for used manuals)
abebooks.com (used, rare books and manuals)


hbsna.com/pdf/literature/TTmanslk.pdf (installing spring brake chambers)
bendix.com (air brakes & anti-freeze)

Bus Parts, Surplus, Salvage

affordablervsurplus.com (Factory Overstock)
economyrvparts.com (Arizona R.V. Salvage Inc)
busfixx.com Parts & Service, NE of Nashville TN
busfixx.tripod.com/busservice/ New & Used parts for buses
nimcobus.com/ Bus Dismantler, Newark NJ.
i-kb.com/coaches/links.html Many Links
hbindustries.ws/index.htm Bolt-on air clutch kits
flyingj.com//tallyman/diesel.epl?state=ALL  Diesel Prices, Flying J, US and Canada.
davcotec.com/ Fuel Filters
parker.com/brassprod/lanyardb.htm Air tank drain Valves
realwheels.com/ Stainless Steel Wheel Simulators
wheelskins.com/ Leather covers for steeringwheel.
centramatic.com/index.html Wheel Balancers
tcsn.net/coachservices Cruise Controls, air Bags, Power Steering, etc.
rockanddirt.com/ Engines, drives, parts. Nationwide.
acmeequip.com Acme Truck parts, Stockton, Calif.
adelmans.com Used truck parts
grote.com/ Lighting Supplies and DOT requirements.
arcmcorp.com Automatic R/C mirrors.
flex-a-lite.com/heavy2/  Heavy Duty Cooling Fans
quadrastat.com Shifters, control cables, etc.
jakebrake.com Jacobs brakes
knfilters.com K&N filters
truck-lite.com Lighting Supplies
arvinmeritor.com/home/default.asp Drive-line components.
babsteering.com Rebuilt steering equipment.
babsteering.com/services/fluid_specs.htm Power steering fluid to use.
motorbussociety.org/links/parts.html Links
pedco.net Parts, service and Low-boy towing.
retread.org/PDF/DOTChart.pdf Reading tire Codes
michelin-us.com/public/ Tire specs.
goodyear.com/ Browse for specs
trucktires.com Bridgestone & Firestone tire info.
toyo.com Toyo Tires
imiproducts.com/ "Equal" Tire balancing powder.
busair.com/ Parts & Svc for bus factory air.
welchindustries.com/ Bus Air Conditioning Service, Stockbridge, Ga.
cjbusrepair.com/ Bloomington, MN
catconproducts.com/ Sensors for fuel/water tanks, measures, weight.
ametekdixson.com/aftermar.htm Tachs & Speedometers
precisionspeed.com/bus.htm Tachs and Speedometers
instrumentsales.com/ Gauges, Switches & Transmission Cables
centroidproducts.com/ Electronic Sending units. CHECK THESE GUYS OUT !
walkerairsep.com/parts/abdc.html Airbox drain tank
rvweb.net/footloose/slobberprint.htm Installation Instructions for DD' s Slobber Tank
newflyer.com Newflyer Buses and parts
bendix.com/ Pneudraulic  Controls, air throttle
bendix.com/downloads/service_data_sheet/Sd082412b.pdf AD9 Air dryer info.
curvedglassdist.com/ Windshields
amequipment.com Windshield wiper components
dieselequipment.com/WiperMotors.html Windshield wiper motors
sbsales.com/ School bus & parts including sun visors
simply-smarter.com/ Electronic Monitoring of Engine functions.
lonewolfwhistle.com/ Horns, Bells, & Whistles.
alcoawheels.com/heavy/literatu/HDSM0199.pdf Alcoa Wheel maintenance


campingworld.com (Camping World - Home Page)

Engine Manufacturer web sites



Detroit Diesel Technician's Guides
detroitdiesel.com Detroit Diesel home page
dieselenginetrader.com Engines, New, Uses, Reconditioned, or parts, Worldwide
turbodyne.com Turbos
electricfanengineering.com/index.htm Cooling Fans
ecfilter.com/filtration.htm Cooling system maintenance
biodiesel.org/ Biodiesel fuel discussion
greasel.com/ Make your own biodiesel
butler-machinery.com/oil.html Oil Analysis
bigtrucksalvage.com/ Heavy Equipment Salvage
adieselengine.com/ Engines, Radiators, etc.
industrialdiesel.com/industriax.html  Engine parts
hpinternational.com Engine Parts
gowheels.com/cruise/ Rostra Ultra Cruise Control
webpages.charter.net/schula/Air_filter/index.htm Converting GMC from oil bath to K&N air filters
oee.nrcan.gc.ca/fleetsmart/fuelCalc/fuelCalc.cfm Fuel MPG & $ per mile Calculator
janyce.com/+wolver/heat.html Oil Pan Heaters
psfilters.com/Products.html Air Filters


isspro.com (instruments for trucks and buses)

Oils and Fluids

detroitdiesel.com/public/technicianguides/technav.asp download fuel/oil specs
exxon.com/USA-English/ Exxon's SAE 40 API CF-2 oil spec sheet
rotella.com/products.php Go to Shell Rotella T Single grade oils.
chevron.com/lubes/mktfnder.nsf/?OpenDatabase Delo 100 SAE 40 CF-2 dealer locator



Tires and Wheels

tiresentry.com (Fleet Specialties Company; tire pressure monitoring)


allisontransmission.com/service/index.jsp Service info from Allison.
torque-a-matic.com Info on T mounted xmissions.
reliabletransmissions.com/products.html Allison Parts update.
williamsdistribution.com Parts for the VH/VS & MT30-40 xmissions.
raykelly.com/ Allison Transmissions & Stone Bennett Shifters
groups.msn.com/billteal/allisonv730overdrive.msnw V-730 Overdrive

Bus Conversion


Bus Conversion Communities

Yahoo! Groups gmc-busnuts
Yahoo! Groups all-bus-nuts
Yahoo! Groups mci-bus-nuts
Yahoo! Autos RTS-bus-nuts
Yahoo! Groups socal-busnuts
Yahoo! Autos schoolbusconversionuts

Bus Conversion
web sites and other pages of links

busnut.com (Bus Nut Online; good articles; bus overview)
RV Technical Files (interesting articles on wiring, cables)
Jim's Bus Page (lots of great links)
rvweb.net (RV Web Network Bus Conversion Market Links)

Books and Magazines

rv-busconversions.com (Books and CD's)
busconvesions.com (Bus Conversions Magazine; MAK Home Page)


Bus Conversion Shops


  General / Nationwide

tdbus-rvconversions.com  T&D Bus and RV Conversion: Tom Parsons, Missouri
rvnetlinx.com/htmanufal.php3 Index of manufacturers, convertors, etc.
morrisonsvipcoach.com/ Paul does slide-outs on Eagles &Prevosts
bernhardbus.com/ Parts, Repairs, Conversions, Sales
geocities.com/phillipsentertainment/ Bill Phillips
ramblinfever.com Conversions and Sales
kehe.com Butch Kehe's Conversion site
tcsn.net/coachservices Temp-coat Insulation, Leveling systems, etc.



I44bus.com (I-44 Bus Sales, Inc. Used Buses, Conversions, Parts, Sarcoxie, MO)




tejascoach.com (Conversions, Mineral Wells, TX)


West Coast

hbindustries.ws (Buses, Conversions, Service, El Cajon, CA)

Other / International

Bus Conversion / RV Subsystems



saddlebags.com (mostly consoles)
autoenhance.com (RV, truck consoles)

Air Conditioning and Heating

Article: Space Heaters Safe or Unsafe
aap.com; climate control systems
polarpowerinc.com; combo heatpump/generator


capsante.com (Battery info from Trojan)
The Desulfation Pages: theory and pulse generator
Batteries -- and Other Electric Stuff by phred


Cabinetry, Floors, Walls

hoosiervan.com (Hoosier Solid Wood Conversion Accessories)

Chassis, Door and Frame modification

Stainless Steel Door Hinges
eFunda Engineering Design Standards

Computer Systems

rvadvice.com/rvarticles/3online.html E-mail on the road
securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/hoax.html Check for virus hoaxes
hoaxbusters.ciac.org/ Hoaxes & chain letter info
bldrdoc.gov/timefreq/service/nts.htm Set your computer to the time hack
pocketmail.com/ E-mailing on the road
budget.net?~unique Internet options
rvadvice.com/rvarticles/3online.html Getting on-line on the road

Electrical (charging, generators; see also Solar below)

Inverters by phred
Surges and Surge Protection by phred
Electricity from the Sun by phred
electrician.com, electrical calculator, construction, National Electrical Code
RV Wiring Tips
terminaltown.com; bulkhead pass throughs, grommets, fuse blocks, tools, connectors
genset.com; Generator Service Co.
aurasystems.com; AuraGen Power Induction System
colehersee.com; switches and connectors for vehicles
busscc.com; automotive fuses and related products
waytekwire.com wire and electrical wiring supplied
xantrex.com; Trace, Heart, Statpower, Prosine Inverters, chargers, controllers, accessories
vanner.com; Inverters, monitors, chargers
e-marine-inc.com; link series battery monitors, Link 10, Link 20
onan.com; generators
aap.com; diesel generators, battery charging systems
adamselectric.com; RV products, marine, commercial generators
fischerpanda.com; generators
epowerchargerboosters.com; portable chargers/generators

Entertainment Systems

(TV, Satellite, Music)

dishnetwork.com Satellite dishes
electronics-forless.com/satellite.htm Satellite Dishes
starkelectronic.com/wmobile.htm Winegard RV DSS Satellite dish
electronics-forless.com/index.html       "          "   & mobile radios
kvh.com/main/index.asp?flash=yes Mobile Satellite Dishes

Exterior (sides, roof, doors)

Coatings for Highly-Reflective Low-Slope Roofs

Food Preparation and Storage


walkercoach.com/2003_Conversion_Kit.htm For those who are in a hurry
rvweb.net/surplus/middle.html List of RV Surplus Dealers
affordablervsurplus.com/f_products.htm Chico CA
economyrvparts.com/ Pheonix AZ
rvweb.net/surplus/index.html RV Surplus dealers
sheepskinsusa.com/sss.htm Seat covers, custom made.
colawrvsalvage.com/ New and used, Carthage, Mo.
affordablervsurplus.com/index.html Chico, Calif
maax.com Bath fixtures.
tank-depot.com/dept/69/ Water and waste tanks and accessories
aap.com/cruisair/index.htm Air conditioners
danhard.com/   Air Conditiners
advrv.com/ac.htm Cool Cat Air Conditioners.
genieac.com/home.html   Room air conditioners
http://genieac.com/hitachi.htm Hitachi split system A/Cs.
http://airconditioner.com/MANUFACTURERS/MINISPLITS/topten-minisplits.htm Air Conditioners
pumasales.com/product_list.asp?id=1054 Air compressors, 12 volt DC
rvcomfort.com./ Coleman A/C; Suburban Ranges, Water Heaters & Furnaces
hydro-hot.com/ Vehicle Heating Systems Also carries Webasto
dickinsonmarine.com/ Heaters
oceanoptions.com/espar/espsys.htm Espar Heating Systems.
sunfrost.com Refrigerators.
sorgen.com Marine quality furnishings
westmarine.com/ Macerator Pumps et al
precisiontemp.com Instant How Water Heaters
ronthebusnut.com Misc. whatevers
boatloader.com/boatloader/boatloader.html Boat Loaders
eztoteboats.com/ Boat haulers
dustyfoot.com/roofrack.html Roof rack
custominstrumentpanels.com/gm.htm  custom instrument panels
rv.net/obsolete/index.cfm?action=group&groupid=1 Many links for obsolete items.
rvlifestyles.net/catalog/order.asp?magic=B3PBVX0710140039887 RV Parts Catalog
gasrefrigeration.net/faultdiagnosis.htm Gas Refrigeration Troubleshooting
dinosourelectronics.com Control panels for gas appliances

Hardware and Misc. Supplies

stanpro.com/stanpro.htm Weather Stripping, channeling, etc
skycraftsurplus.com Surplus wiring, tools, aerospace misc., etc.
mars-cam.com/ Rear View Cameras
m-gengineering.com/index.ivnu Towing and Braking systems

buffnstuff.com/ Buffing Supplies.
RM-FIBERGLASS.com Fiberglass caps.
mooreindhardware.com Industrial Hardware (Free Catalog)
eberhardcanada.com/slam/slam1.htm Entry Door Latches
rockler.com/ Slides, woodworking hardware.
southco.com/ Cabinet Hardware
buckknives.com For whittling a pine-wood bus.
radiantcompany.com/system/ Radiant Floor heat
accuride.com Slide-outs for batteries, gensets, etc.
kwikee.com           "         "         "              "
fomo.com Spray Foam Insulation.
rainx.com Rain-X for the windows.
overbiltLifts.com Take your 700# motorcycle.
mobile-mart.com  General RV Supplies
chemrex.com Sealants, coatings, etc.
rmoreau.com/su6000.htm Sealants and adhesives
storm-tite.com single & dual pane windows
custominstrumentpanels.com. Custom Instrument Panels
austinhardware.com/ Hard to find hardware.
quietsolution.com/?google Sounddeading paint


Moisture in RVs by phred


commandelectronics.com; 12 volt lighting

Paint and Graphics

 por-15.com/ Rustproof paint, also a fuel tank sealer-"the rustier the better"
farwestpaint.com/Catalog/5679.htm Rust removal from Steel
graphixunlimited.com/ Bus Graphics which you install.

Plumbing and water systems

dupreeproducts.com (air and manual valves, hoses, fittings)
emptythetanks.com (RV holding tank accessories)
gaswaterheaters.com (tankless hot water heaters)
Macerators and Other Sewage Stuff by phred
Water Treatment by phred
Composting Toilets by phred
Pump.Net - Pump Technical Information


zianet.com/rlashway/Polishing.html How one man did it.

RV Parts & Systems Sources (general)

campingworld.com (Camping World - Home Page)
rvcatalog.com (parts, supplies, generators, awnings, air conditioners)
rvandvansurplus.com (Van/RV parts/accessories; great cupholders!)
ronthebusnut.com (Source for conversion products)
northern-Online.com hydraulic supplies; free catalog
sciplus.com scientific surplus; free catalog
1800intlbus.com (International Bus & Parts, Apopka, FL)
RV Sources and Resources by phred
rvweb.net/surplus/index.html Surplus RV Parts- Nationwide Index
camperschoice.com RV and camping supplies.
campingworld.com RV supplies.
busowners.com ABCO
mobile-mart.com RV supplies

RV Storage

Storing an RV by phred

Safety and Security

NHTSA Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
23 CFR Ch. I (4-1-99 Edition) (see length, width, weight regs)


softcad.com (SoftCAD International)

Solar Systems

energyoutfitters.com (solar systems, charging, appliances)
earthsolar.com (extesive solar systems, meters, low prices)
sunelec.com (large selection of solar and other power systems)
windsun; Northern Arizona Wind & Sun; solar electric reference and photovoltaics
rvsolarelectric.com; info and equipment
alt-energy.com; engineering for renewable energy systems
talmagesolar.com; designing independent energy systems
kingsolar.com; solar hot water heating, portable PV panels, unique energy products
backwoodssolar.com; systems for home and RV


 http://users.moscow.com/oiseming/lc_ant_p/lnk_mtal.htm Metal working sites
 use-enco.com/ Metal working Tools & expendables, Bits, Taps, etc.
ustool.com Sheet-metal tools, free catalog
lowbucktools.com Brakes, notchers, metal working tools
browntool.com/ Sheet metal tools, free catalog
aircraft-tool.com/ Sheet metal and aircraft tools, Oscoda, Michigan
 harborfreight.comTools, U S & import, good prices
 kano.thomasregister.com/olc/kano/kanopnlu.htm Penetrating oil
 teamsweeney.com  Torque Multiplier (For lug nuts)


towingworld.com (products and information)
rversonline.org/ArtFAQ6.html Toad Braking

Bus History


Old Bus Pictures

members.aol.com/busspot/main.html Lots of pix
geocities.com/Vienna/8800/bus.html More pix
rv-coach.com/buses/images/buscale2.gif Zane's 4903 floor-plan
atu1700.org/silversides/ Greyhound pictures and stories
gti.net/kmanno/gallery.html Busses from all over
pacbus.org/ Pacific Bus Museum (A must visit site)

Bus Organizations




diesel.org (Assn of Diesel Specialists)

Bus Owner's Pages


 Torquester's Eagle
Jim's bus page
members.aol.com/ceharger/raggedflag.htm Why we're able to be bus nuts
www3.sk.sympatico.ca/lawrj The DAFfy Canuck
mrsharkey.com Sharkey's Home Page
the-russells.com/thebus.html Jerry Russell's Eagle-10 Photo Album
members.tripod.com/Pipesusmc/Kaykay.htm  Ken's Eagle with Torsilastic & AIR BAGS
members.tripod.com/kmegeff/bus.htm Keith & Amy's MC-5A
purplebear.com/busnuts Jock Fugit's MC-5 & Electrical charts
cwis.net/~mallie Mallie Lennon's MC-8
users.cwnet.com/~thall Tom Hall's home page, has links to others
home.att.net/~kirbybus1 Kirby's 4104 w/8V71 & V730
members.home.net:80/rick.b/melvint.htm Melvin Tucker's 4104

http://www.freewebs.com/darisb/ Daris Bouthiller's 4106
pd4106.8k.com  Ron Carter's 4106
SomeoneKnows.com/busZone 4107 Conversion
busnut4107.8k.com Frank Rowe's 4107 engine swap to a 6V92T & V730
scenicruiser.com PD4501 Scenicruiser
greyhoundcoach.com Roy Hall's 4501-083 From England
utbiz.com/4905   Randy Schreifels 4905 Roof raising.
get-me.to/busnuts Don Schwanke's 4905
azroadrunner.com Russ & Earline Murray's 4905
home.fuse.net/koppes Lloyd's 1955 TDM4515-114
cris.com/~nolids/rtsmain.htm Geoff Smith's RTS
members.aol.com/dongraaff/bus Don's 60' articulated
inet-direct.com/dove/neoplan.html a double deck Neoplan, many pictures
blue-bird.com Blue Bird highway & SCHOOL buses
users.uswest.net/~mikeputz A converted Blue Bird
geocities.com/MotorCity/Street/1777/main.html Crown Motor Coach Info
navistar.com/navihome.html International Buses
bobsokol.com/bus.html A converted long-nose school bus
enetis.net/~grissop/bus.html Jeff's 85 Ford Schoolie
d-web.com/nelshagan/busnuts.html Nels Hagan's VL-100 Flxible
dustyfoot.com/roofrack.html Scott Whitney's Transit
ridemci.com MCI home page
n6ecv.net/bus.htm Jim Ley's home page
bernhardbus.com/OURS.HTM An "Eaglized"4104
Jock and Kay's MCI-4 Page

Buying and Selling Buses and Bus Conversions



Articles / Links on buying Buses, Conversions, RV's

Buying RVs, Tow Vehicles and Toads by phred
riv.com/ Registrar of Imported Vehicles. Canadians read this before buying a US vehicle
tc.gc.ca/roadsafety/importusa/english/im6_e.htm Canadians, take note
tc.gc.ca/roadsafety/importusa/impusae.htm Canadians, take note
ccra-adrc.gc.ca/menu-e.html Canadian Customs site
busesonline.com Bus specs (coming soon) and sales. (Listen to the air horn)
abc-bus.com Bus sales
birdconnection.com Blue Birds
gmbus.com Sales & service, San Bernadino, Calif
heartlandbus.com Bus sales
parts.mcicoach.com/ Bus Sales also Parts
northernbus.com Sales, Hudson, NH
grabhorn.com/index.html Bus Sales
coachcrafters.com Transit Bus Sales
transitsales.com Transit bus sales
busnut.com/sescs.html Specializing in RTS
prevost.com Drool Baby, Drool!
neoplanusa.com Neoplan
traderonline.com Sales
angolacoach.com/ New and Used
busforsale.com/ Near Nashville, Tenn
tejascoach.com/ 40 miles west of Fort Worth
thebusman.com Near Charleston, SC Also 20 Questions to ask when buying a bus
easterbussales.com  Basset, VA
groups.yahoo.com/group/bus-converters-library/docvault/drool_list.htm; North American Converters
 bustraders.com/ Entertainer's coaches, Corinth MS
 senatorscoach.com/ Coach Leasing

Appraisals & Valuation

Bus Auctions

rollerauction.com (Colorado area auctions)
rbauction.com (buses here occasionally)
matherauctions.com (Tacoma, WA area)
rogerernst.com (Modesto, CA; 1st & 3rd Sat each month)
mikejonesauctiongroup.com (Dallas, TX)
tmauction.com (Tampa, FL; 2nd Sat each month)

Classified Advertising - Buses

used-buses.net (Used buses, coaches and motorcoaches classifieds)
busbusbus.com (free classifieds)

Classified Advertising - Bus Conversions

rvtraderonline.com (50,000+ RV's for sale)
Bus Nut Online - Buses For Sale
rv-coach.com (Classifieds -- Search RVs)
busconversions.com Classifieds
busconversions.com Photo Ads
busbusbus.com (free classifieds)

Online Auctions

ebaymotors.com (search for buses)

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)


Headlamp FAQs


RV Travel and Supplies


Clubs and Organizations

escapees.com/website/ Escapees RV club
fmca.com FMCA home page
egroups.com/list/flxowners Flx Owners Web Site
raline@glasscity.net Flxible Club News Editor Email
gowheels.com RTS and  MUCH  more
rversonline.org RV'ers helping RV'ers
zbusman@rv-coach.com E-mail Zane Good to get on the WoBN e-mail list

Driving a Bus / RV

two-lane.com (widebody RV caution)
Speed Calculator
rvschool.com (RV Driving School)

GPS and Mapping Systems

usgs.gov U.S. Geological Service maps.
delorme.com Mapping software and GPS.
microsoft.com/automap Mapping software and GPS.
gpspilot.com GPS
mapblast.com Mapping

Regional RV Sites

RV - San Diego, California

RV Park / Campground Directories

blm.gov  (Bureau of Land Management Home Page)

RV Travel, General

RVing tips from Discovery Owners Assn
RV.com (Reviews, Events, Trip Planning)
Mark's Fulltime RV Resource (Lots of articles on fulltiming from an interesting guy)
econoFinance.com (Exchange rates and money resources)
rvsafety.com (articles, products)
Getting Along in Mexico and Elsewhere by phred
Boondocking by phred
phrannie.org (extensive articles and resources on RV systems by phred)
pnv.com/ Truckers info
onroute.com Travel info
rversonline.org/FT.html Full Timers Corner
telusplanet.net/public/waters/mapa.htm SE Calif BLM land map, including Quartsite.
blm.gov/aml/blmwest2.html Western States, Incl Alaska, BLM land map
greentortoise.com Low cost bus touring
freecampgrounds.com/california.html Lotsa good info!
peoplesguide.com Travel guide, primarily Mexico.
fulltiming-america.com/ Fulltiming Info
roadrat.com/ Get paid for traveling.
rvpark.com/calif.htm Calif Campgrounds
joshua.tree.national-park.com/camping.htm Joshua Tree National Park, S. Calif.
rvlife.com/HTML/Archives/1001archive.html Misc. travel tips
usa-vacation-guide.com/130/Texas_General_index.htm Texas Vacation
roadsideamerica.com/index.html Spots to visit
rv-fun.com Cruises

Telephone and
Internet Access

Communications by phred


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